Bano Ki Gali

Submerged in tradition and style, Bano Ki Gali aims to take you back to the times when our streets celebrated love, laughter, and togetherness. The times when diverse cultures and traditions lived in harmony and established a new union.

We pledge to savor the inherited treasures from the subcontinent and revive history through our products. Each of our products is a result of fresh and matchless ideas that espouse antique artistries.

If you are wondering how we idealized Bano Ki Gali? Then here is all you need to know.

The simplistic lifestyle that the subcontinent once had mixed with its heterogeneous nature pushes us towards celebrating modern trends with classical experiences.

The history of sacrifice, affection, separation, pain, and unification runs in our blood, and we strive to tell each of these stories with everything we make. Our products speak of long lost traditions and cultures that once our elders held close to their hearts.

We think it is vital to create a new present by squeezing our past, that the whole world can see and experience with us. To sprout elegance and class today, we are watering the seeds of our history. The result of which is the flourishing of new trends based on tradition and modernity. It is just a picture-perfect blend.

Bano ki Gali

What is our


We consider customs to be our guideline in creating innovative ideas. Our goal is to envision designs that not only preserve history but also celebrate our current community. We want our products to be environmentally friendly and a symbol of purity, which was once a pivotal part of our national ethos.

Our ancestral tradition soaks in reverence, vibrancy, cheerfulness, and straightforwardness. By sharing our legacy, Bano Ki Gali is preserving and keeping the tradition alive through the ages.

When we say our products represent tradition, we certainly don’t mean it is outdated. It means they are timeless. They work in seamless unification with modern drifts and artistic designs.

We are endeavoring on a more far-flung destination for what we have been gifted in inheritance and envisaging it to share with the world. Simply put, we are visualizing top-notch quality products that also inhibit an endless identity.

Products Are We Making?

What else can be better than representing our culture other than through furniture and home accessories? Well, nothing. Our homes are the perfect canvas upon which we can paint our beliefs and ideas.

Interestingly, our products give you the impeccable opportunity to stylize your home with modern furniture that has a trace of tradition in its origins.

How Do We Make Our Products?

We want our customers to find uniqueness and individuality with each piece that they buy from us. Every product at Bano Ki Gali emanates from high-quality craftsmanship and utmost care. These one-of-a-kind pieces speak of many untold and lost stories. These enchanting tales make our products exclusive and unparalleled.

Every piece of cloth, wood, or accessory that plays a part in forming our product, comes from the best quality materials. History and modernity are not all that we offer high-quality products also encapsulate our motto.
We give a speech to our culture, history, and craft through diversity in design, experimentation in colors, variety in patterns, and logical functionality. Each part of our products depicts heritage and novelty that also sprouts style.

Our products are satisfying people around the globe. Anyone obsessed with the Indian subcontinent history and culture can benefit from our products. What more can you want? The satisfaction of finding a perfect item is just a click away.

So, be smart and hop on the bandwagon of the most sought online shopping experience at Bano Ki Gali.