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Dastak offers so much more than just top-notch seating space. Its simplistic nature.

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Dastak offers so much more than just top-notch seating space. Its simplistic nature is one of the most desirable features as it provides more versatility in use. It also validates style, grace, and luxury in your home.

Paving a way towards nostalgia Bano Ki Gali is bringing you Dastak stools. These stools can revitalize the look of your bedroom, living room, guest room, or even lounge. The quirky color patterns and premium value wood ensures quality like no other such stool. They are a voice of our past that speaks of sophistication and tradition. Although these stools are super modest yet they are sleek and trendy.

Here is All You Need To Know About Dastak

How are the Design and Body Constructed?

Like any other stool, Dastak has four wooden legs and a comfortable seating top. The bottom of the seat comes from a high-quality plank material that has a minimal design. The base is super tough and reliable. On top of that, the finishing is immaculately smooth and shiny.

The soft top of the Dastak stool is comfortable to sit on for hours. The cushion is cozy, fluffy, and doesn’t deflate early.

What is the Fabric Used?

Fine quality Jute material covers our soft and puffy stool top. Jute enables more smoothness for Dastak, and its antislip feature confirms more ease. It is easy to clean and allows to remove stains swiftly.

Which Color to Choose?

The range of multiple colors is a cherry on top. There as many as three bold color options that you can choose. You can go for a red, blue, or green Dastak stool for your room and enhance the overall look. It is the nominal pattern and monotonic fabric that brings versatility to Dastak.

Is The Size Precise?

The size of Dastak is appropriate to place them anywhere in your home. Kitchen, bedroom, living room, or workplace, you can extend your style statement anywhere. The height of the stools is neither too short nor long that makes them suitable for any situation.

The lightweight of the Dastak stools is another added feature to appreciate. They are easy to move and adjust in any place you want. Suffice to say, Dastak Stools are the epitome of precision.

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17.5 inches

1 review for Dastak Stool

  1. Muhammad Ali

    I ordered the dastak stool recently, it has been a great add on to my living. The quality and its finishing is 10/10 and was delivered safely to me

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